“At All Seasons Electric Bikes we pride ourselves on providing quality electric bikes at affordable prices. The UK electric bike market has started off with old-fashioned designs and out-dated technology, leaving electric bike buyers frustrated with what’s on offer. We wanted to introduce a range of aesthetically pleasing electric bikes which offer some of the world’s best electric bike technology, packaged for the UK market.

All Season’s electric bikes meet UK requirements on motor power and maximum speed, and have high-quality components designed to endure thousands of miles of motor-assisted cycling, braking, hill climbing, and all round fun!

We’ve teamed up with some of the best component manufacturers from around the world including Kenda, Bafang, Panasonic and Shimano. All of our ebikes combine a balance of affordability and quality. All Season’s riders can have complete confidence in their ebike, which is built to last.”

Leon Ollerton, Managing Director


If you have any questions about our products, the range, any of the components or our payment and supply terms, please contact our Sales Team on 0800 644 7072.


A Bit More About All Seasons

All Seasons Group was established in 1998 with us introducing our Electric Bike range to the UK market in 2012.  Our HQ is in Formby, Merseyside, close to the famous city port of Liverpool and close to some of the best cycling spots in the British Isles in Wales, the Peak District and the Lake District.

We have worked closely with our manufacturers in Asia to develop a product specifically for the UK market, sourcing top quality components from leading suppliers.  Our current 2017 models, the E-compact, and E-xplorer are both selling in high quantities online and through retailer networks.

All Seasons are proud to have teamed up with one of the leading wholesale suppliers as our sole distributor to the UK Motorhome and Caravan retail industry, where our folding electric bike the E-compact is having success due to its convenience and durability, as required by motorhome and caravan owner.




2017 has seen the launch of our new branding and new website, which has been developed by the talented team as Southport Marketing, and has been launched in July 2017.

The new logo will soon be seen on our bikes and will be on our new extended 2018 product range. 2018 will see an extension to our electric bike range with a new lighter folding ebike, two city models, a lady’s traditional style shopping ebike, the introduction of new electric mopeds designed for the younger generation, and some three-wheel electric mobility scooters with a great design and even better price point which will take the UK mobility scooter market by storm.

Wth the roll out of a much bigger product range we wanted a brand which would sit comfortably on traditional bikes, mountain bikes and stylish contemporary bikes.  Our new logo hero, yet to be named, looks like a rider on a bike but encompasses the three major components which make up our special electric bikes, the charge of electricity, the lead representing green travel, and the wheels.  If you have any suggestions for the name of our logo hero please let us know!

We’re also proud of our new advertising campaign which was launched July 2017 across all media, to build awareness of the All Seasons’ brand.  As we’re sure you’ll agree, its good to be reminded of the fun we used to have cycling as a child, and even better to know that with an electric bike we can have just as much fun now we’re more ‘mature’!


Contacting All Seasons

We love to hear from our customers, whether you’ve bought one of our bikes, or stock them in your store.  Please feel free to contact us on 0800 644 7072 or alternatively email us at sales@allseasonsbikes.com.