At All Seasons we like to remember the days when we used to have fun as kids, racing through our neighbourhoods with our friends, doing wheelies, getting to the top of the hill then free-wheeling down with our legs out!  Cycling was freedom, we could get further faster, and leave behind our neighbourhood.  We could meet up with our friends and discover new places.  That’s what cycling should be about…no matter how old we are.

Electric bikes are designed to let you cycle.  No they don’t do the cycling for you, despite what you might have assumed.  You pedal, and the bike assists, you get exercise – as much exercise as you want to.  Meanwhile the bike helps out by providing varying degrees of pedal-assistance.

What will owning an electric bike mean for you?

  • Don’t worry about longer cycle journeys
  • Take on rougher track surfaces that would usually tire you out
  • Make easy work of hills
  • Let the bike do the hard work once you’re feeling a bit tired
  • Enjoy using a bike for leisure again
  • Replace car and public transport journeys with cycling

Electric Bikes great for Motorhomes & Caravans.

Electric Bikes used by Commuters

Many of All Season’s ebike owners use their electric bike daily for commuting to work or shopping.  Others reserve their bike for the weekend or holidays when they have more time to cycle for leisure.  They’re particularly great companions for motorhome and caravan owners, giving you freedom to travel locally once you’re at your holiday destination.

What do you have to think about before buying an electric bike?

  1. Where will you store it?
    If you’ve got limited storage space at home you can choose a folding electric bike like the All Seasons E-compact.
  2. Where will you charge your ebike battery?
    With all of our ebike range the battery is easily removed and can be charged by plugging into a regular electrical point including those in motorhomes and caravans (for more info see
  3. How will you secure your electric bike?
    We recommend buying a high-quality bike lock to secure it at home or away.  Our batteries already have locks, so you don’t need to worry about that.
  4. How fast will you travel on your ebike?
    In the UK, road-worthy electric bikes are limited to 25kmph / 15.5mph.  That’s the fastest you can go, and you may find yourself over-taking cars in traffic at that speed, but of course you can go slower if you wish.  We’d definitely recommend you wear a helmet whether you’re travelling on the road or off-road.
  5. Will you want to do off-road cycling?
    The All Seasons E-xplorer is designed as a mountain bike with front suspension, 21 gears, and wide trail tyres; so you can take on mountain trails and hills.
  6. How will you transport your ebike?
    All Seasons ebikes can be attached to any standard bike rack on a car, motorhome or caravan.  If you plan to take your bike on public transport why not consider the E-compact?

Ebike Lesson: What does PAS stand for?

All electric bikes have PAS.  PAS stands for “Pedal Assist System” which is the technology built into usually the hub of the rear wheel, which is a motor powered by a battery helping to drive the pedal system of the bike.  Think about a Dad holding the back of the seat and pushing his Son on his bike to help him get momentum when he’s learning to ride his first bike.  Some ebikes also have a PAS Computer on the handlebars, which allows you to adjust the level of assistance the bike provides you with when you’re pedalling.  They usually have 3 – 5 pedal assistance levels, one of which may be a walking assist, which is the lowest speed level and helps when you’re walking with the bike.

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