Q – Who are electric bikes for?
A – Electric bikes are for everyone who can ride a bike, they let you go further than you usually could on a pedal bicycle, and let you cycle up hills that you would otherwise struggle with.  The most frequent buyers of electric bikes are people over 40 wanting to enjoy cycling again, and commuters who want to make their cycling commute easier each day so they arrive at work less tired and sweaty.

Q – Do you need a garage or shed with an electric socket?
A – All Seasons electric bikes have removable batteries that are easily taken inside your home to plug into an electrical socket, so you don’t need to have a socket in your garage or shed.

Q – What are the main types of ebikes and what should I know about them?
A – There are two main types of ebikes, ones with throttle controls and ones with pedal assistance.  Ebikes with throttle controls are similar to motorbikes in that you turn the handle throttle and they move forward without you pedalling.  Pedal assistance ebikes require you to pedal to keep the motor running, and as soon as you stop pedalling the motor stops.  Throttle-controlled ebikes are governed by strict laws in the EU and have to pass a lot of safety tests to be road-worthy like motorcycles, whereas pedal-assisted ebikes are viewed as standard bicycles so costs are usually less.

Q – How fast can you go on an electric bicycle?
A – In the UK all electric bikes whether throttled-controlled or pedal-assisted are limited to 25kmph / 15.5mph.  You can travel faster than that if you pedal faster, but the motor will stop assisting you at that top speed.

Q – Can you convert a standard bicycle into an electric bicycle?
A – Yes kits are available to convert bicycles, by adding a motor and battery.  However retail-bought electric bicycles are designed and safety tested as electric bikes, having specialised braking systems which cut out the motor when you brake, and other safety features to ensure the bike can handle the extra power.

Q – Will my All Seasons ebike be delivered already assembled?
A – No, to maintain our model of free delivery to your home address, we have reduced shipping size by keeping te main parts of the bike disassembled, meaning you will have to connect to the frame the seat post, handlebars and front wheel.  However, these are simple tasks, and no prior experience or specialist tools are required.  The e-compact will take about 10 minutes to assemble, and the e-xplorer around 20 minutes.  If buying from a bike retailer they may assemble the bike for you before you pick it up if you enquire about this, but it may be at extra charge.

Q – Will I need a spare battery?
A – It is unlikely you will need a spare battery as they do 40+ miles per charge.  However, if you plan to do more than 40 miles between charges or are unable to charge your battery for 5-6 hours after depletion you can buy a second battery from All Seasons, please call our customer helpline, 0800 644 7072, to enquire.

Q – Is there a weight limit?
A – All Seasons bikes are limited to carry a load of 20 stone / 125kg which includes rider and luggage.

Q – Do I need to wear a motorcycle helmet?
A – It is not required to wear a motorcycle helmet on an electric bicycle because of the speed limitation, however, it is certainly recommended tat you wear a bicycle helmet and safety clothing particularly when riding on the roads or on mountain trails.

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