One of the main benefits of an electric bike is that they are a great alternative to using cars and public transport to commute around town.  If you’ve not owned an electric bike before you may be concerned about the cost of charging the battery, whether the electricity used will be as expensive as fueling a car or getting a bus or taxi.

Actually, electric bikes are probably the most cost effective means of automated transport.  Of course, you can’t beat a bicycle for energy efficiency!  But if you need a little help with your pedalling to go further and take on hills, without reaching your destination worn out, then an electric bike is about as green as you can go.

Cost Per Charge

All Seasons Electric Bikes use the latest battery technology, the Lithium-ion batteries which are highly efficient and lighter compared to older battery technology.  To charge these batteries you remove them from the bike if you want to, and plug them into a mains electric point.  From empty, the battery will take up to 6 hours to fully charge.  The 360 Watt battery charged for 6 hours at today’s electric costs of approximately 12p/kWh that would cost about 25p (£0.25).

That 25p gets you 40+ hours of assisted cycling on your electric bike which will probably cover 3 or 4 journeys, depending on where you’re going.

Cost Effective Travel

How far will 25p get you on the bus?  Will a taxi driver even turn up for 25p?  How about in your car?

Without a doubt, electric bikes are very cost efficient compared to other automated alternatives.  And besides that, you get some exercise too!

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