Designed for electric bike riders who want a versatile bike capable of hills and mountain trails, as well as town leisure cycling and commuting.  The E-xplorer is one of the most capable and affordable electric mountain bikes in the UK market.

Some of the key features of the E-xplorer:

  • Over 50 miles per charge
  • 5 level PAS
  • Front Suspension
  • Shimano 24 Speed gears
  • Available in Black & Silver

The E-xplorer model is the perfect model for the rider wanting to cover the inner city and off-road terrain, giving you 50 miles on one charge with a top of the range Panasonic battery. Conquer any hill easily in your area with the powerful hub motor. Set the level of assistance you require with the 5 different PAS levels fitted to the handlebars. 

Motor system:  In an exclusive partnership with Bafang motors, each mountain bike model comes fitted with a 250w 8fun motor. The gearing system within this motor is manufactured using high-grade performance materials, and its test life is more than 3000 hours! They are produced to create high-efficiency torque, with more than 98% riding efficiency. The motor has been designed to kick in as soon as you start to pedal, and it stops assisting when you either stop pedalling or press the brakes. The law in the UK also states that the motor must stop assisting once the bike has reached 15.5mph.    

Panasonic batteries are renowned as some of the best on the market.  The E-xplorer battery is the maximum allowed for road use 36v10.4ah, which produces over 50 miles per charge. Lithium batteries are sustainable and long-lasting, they also take you further every charge. The battery can easily be removed from the bike with the key and then can be taken indoors to charge.

The gearing system on our E-xplorer model ensures that with the assistance of the motor, you can conquer any hill in sight. The 24 speed Shimano gearing system is easy to use and provides a lot of versatility throughout the gears. 

The supplier of the Pedal Assist System is KingMeter who design their computers specifically for electric bikes. The KingMeter PAS system gives riders the ability to choose how quickly or how slowly their bicycle accelerates. This computer tells you the speed that you are doing, and how many miles you have ridden on your electric bike. This handlebar based informative device will be your friendly assistant, while you travel many miles on your electric bicycle.

Where to Try and Buy

If you'd like to try out the All Seasons E-xplorer or buy one, please call us on 0800 644 7072 for information on your nearest retailer.

  SPEED:  Up to 15.5mph

  DISTANCE:  >50 miles per charge

  WEIGHT:  21.9kg including battery

  BATTERY:  36V 10.4Ah Panasonic

  GEARS:  24 Speed Shimano

  FRAME:  18inch Aluminium

  LCD COMPUTER:  Power, Speed and Range

  PAS - Pedal Assistance System: 5 levels

  MOTOR: 250W Bafang 8fun

  BRAKES:  Mechanical Disk

  WARRANTY:  1 Year